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X-POS Web based: more flexibility with Split Payment

Split payment is the most required feature ever. From version 3.5 of X-POS Web based, we’re excited to pronounce that it has been available and fully integrated to X-POS web version.

In technical view, a new module X-Payment will play a role to handle split payment as well as other provided payment methods.



In X-Payment Settings, user should select which payment method he would like to use with Split Payment feature, note that currently Split Payment just supports payment method provided by X-POS

After configuring X-Payment module, the Split Payment will be ready to use in X-POS screen. There is not much change with single payment, all cashier has to do is just selecting the payment methods and enter amount for each ones. The selected ones will be highlighted by a color vertical bar before payment’s name.


After fulfilling payment options, user just need to click on Pay button, X-POS will perform the rest of order, calculate exactly amount of each payment to give user to correct report at the end of working day.

Now it’s time to walkthrough X-POS and discover most advanced features today!

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