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X-POS is now integrated with Inventory Management extension

X-POS version 3.6 has been released few days ago, one of its powerful features is the ability to work with 3rd part Inventory Management extension.

To enrich customer’s experience in your physical store, we have successfully integrated the Inventory Management from Magestore. This 3rd extension is an useful Magento store manager system, helping you easily keep track of any product’s stock in back-end.



Inventory Management interface

When you have X-POS 3.6 and Inventory Management installed, kindly following the below simple steps to select warehouses of your store:

1. Open X-POS
2. Select Storeview
3. Select a Warehouse which is listed on the picture below:


List of warehouses created by Inventory Management

Products and their stock of selected warehouse will be loaded to X-POS. After you sell a product, its stock will be deduced properly on current warehouse. You can also choose warehouse again later by pressing Warehouse button.

If you have any query or concern regarding this feature, let’s try Inventory Management demo and regisrer for X-POS Web FREE!

And don’t hesitate to leave us your message at http://xpos.smartosc.com or http://support.smartosc.com . All of them are much appreciated!


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