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Sales data is now the most powerful with X-Report

The sales report is such an important part of running a retail business, which is defined as a way of pushing your most important key performance indicators (KPIs), in an understandable way, at every manager and team member in your business.


The report should contain elements of sales data, web usage data, and analysis. It should contain the benchmarks for the business, the numbers that operate as final check on success or failure. And if done properly it should provide a focus, a challenge, an incentive and a way to motivate.

Especially when you use Magento for your system’s management, a comprehensive report is a must-have solution in comparison with Magento’s default reports. It should resolve your below problems of business:

Data Analytics with Magento System

As the most important thing is the migration with your Magento system, the report should help you easily see the big picture of all Magento products, customers… on a tablet, on your counter or on the go.

One click to view detailed breakdowns of revenue, cost, margin and more is perfect. Generally it should meet all your needs.

Point out all of “The most”

The question of how much you sold, dividing into categories is always necessary. The report have to dive into sales data about orders, product sales, revenue, average orders…

Not only control top selling and top grossing, the report must point out the most viewed, best customers… and optimize your purchasing decisions.

The most

Keep an eye on how your store’s running

Least but not last, you should have ability to track sales with shipping amount, paymetn method, revenue by time as previous day, week or month; and also find out who your customers are, reward your loyal customers whichever way you want.

It must be the time to find out a comprehensive and also free solution to match your above requirements. So it must be the time to try X-Report, which comes from the developers of X-POS who have the most understandings about how your retail business needs and does.

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