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Introducing X-POS for Android

X-POS team is proud to announce that our Point of sale (POS) app X-POS is now available on Android devices. This launching allows retailers to handle all their sales without having to worry about specific operating systems.


Since our founding 3 years ago, X-POS also X-Retail product line has been centered around building a commerce platform that will let retailers sell online as well as at physical stores. Until last couple months, X-POS App had primarily focused on the iOS. Now, after months of hard working, the team has branched out to support Android devices.

For the most part, using X-POS on Android will be similar to using it on iPad. Store owners still be able to manage products, sales, inventory, and order records right from the system. You will also be able to get reports that help you understand how your business is running also how to improve the sales. It will work on any Android device.

The most asked question is about the integration of X-POS Android App with peripheral devices such as printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners. And fortunately the answer is perfectly yes, X-POS Android App will work smoothly with your current printers, cash drawers also barcode scanners as supported on the iOS version.

For an overview of X-POS Android App, please take a look at the list below about which primary features have been brought to the Android version:

Save Time with Magento System

Easily sell your Magento products on a tablet, on your counter or on the go. One click to add product to inventory automatically adds them to online store. Fast intergrate with POS hardware and more. Meet all your needs with our Magento eco system.

Take Care of Products and Inventory

Simple scan to add product. Track your stock and sales. View real-time updates and see the master plan of all store from online to offiline anywhere.

Provide Valuable Data Analystics and Customers

Sales, order, profit margins,..all presented clearly for comparison in-store POS sales with online sale. Track every customers’ spending history. Find out who your customers are and reward your loyal customers whichever way you want.


Now it must be the best time to have X-POS accompanied with your business. As a gift for this celebration, please take our thanks with a discount of 10% when you contact with us and purchase X-POS Android App on February, 2016.

Don’t hesitate to try demo and get advice from our best professional on retail right today!

Start selling anywhere with X-POS, now available on the Google Play Store (and as always, the Apple App Store).

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