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X-POS Web works with multiple storeviews

Magento allows merchants to setup multiple websites, stores and storeviews in case they would like to localize their websites for different locations or countries.

These websites can share the same product and customer data… but they can be configured to display different price, name, tax…and even different currency in each website.

As understanding this feature is one of the most required features from customers, we proudly announce X-POS Web Based version 3 .5 has supported multiple storeviews setup in Magento. That means if merchant has multiple physical stores in many countries with different product, customer information and currency, all of them would be sold on X-POS as in website;


At the first time user opens X-POS, there will be a pop-up displayed to ask choosing store, after store is selected, then X-POS will load appropriate information of that store.

And now you are not going to wait any longer for new version. Let’s point out some new features and improvements on X-POS Web Based 3.6

  • The possibility to create new product which doesn’t exist in Magento database with Custom sales.
  • Users can choose working with whichever warehouse they want when X-POS integrated  with MageStore Inventory.
  • Easily discount per item on cart with any type (amount/percent)
  • Auto open checkout page when reload page
  • Searching product
  • Order detail
  • ……

X-POS 3.6 Release Early In February


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