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How to enable Payment methods on X-POS iPad app

After installing X-POS iPad app, you may see there is no payment method in the app. The reason is that all your payment methods have not been enabled in both your Magento Admin and your app. This article will explain how to enable payment methods and split payment feature as well.

Enable payment methods in Magento Admin by X-Payment Configuration:
This panel is used for configuring payment methods which are provided or supported by X-POS iPad App. From version 1.8, all payment methods should be configured from X-Payment before pushing to iPad app (including Split Payment, iZettle, Stripe, Paypal Here, Blue Pay and Authorize.NET)



If Split Payment is enabled in X-Payment module, you can select multiple payment methods for one order. Note that this feature has just supported dummy payment method provided by X-Payment only (Cash, CC Payment for X-POS and Credit Card from number 1 to number 4)


Enable payment methods in iPad app:
You can open this Settings in Left bar menu > Settings > Payment Methods:


You can furthermore set a payment method as default, this will make this payment method selected when you enter the checkout screen, and can help speed up the Point-of-sale situation.

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