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How to connect Star mPOP to X-POS iPad app

From version 1.9.1, X-POS iPad app has been able to use Start mPOP device as a receipt printer and cash drawer.

This guide shows you detailed instructions on how to use Star mPOP combined Bluetooth Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer with X-POS iPad App.

1. Connect your Star mPOP to your iPad via Bluetooth connection:

– Turn on your mPOP device

– On your iPad, open its Settings, access to Bluetooth settings and ensure it’s turned on

Settings bluetooth

– Under the Bluetooth ‘Devices’ list, tap on “Star mPOP-xxxxx” to connect

Settings bluetooth connected


2. Add mPOP as the printer in X-POS iPad App

– Open X-POS iPad app, tap on hamburger icon (at top-left) to access to Settings > Printers

– Under Printer Type, select Star Micronic mPOP, then X-POS app will search for all available printers

App Settings Printer

– After choosing mPOP, tap on Back button to start configuring printer’s details

– You can choose Paper Size and Number of Copies when you would like to print for each sale.

App Settings Printer Details

Finally, let’s run a test sale to make sure your setup is successful and the mPOP works properly.

For any query, kindly contact us at http://xpos.smartosc.com or send an email to support@smartosc.com

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