How the Full Online mode working in X-POS web version 3.5

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We’re delighted to announce the FASTest X-POS version has been launched! Real online-selling system Thanks to the fully online mode, users could now own the real interaction with online data. No more waiting time for downloading data at the beginning of day, no manual data update, the new X-POS version 3.5 allows you to start searching, checking inventory, […]

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X-POS website – not just a new look!

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 ♬ You know, we launch our X-POS website! ♪ ♫ It has been months of continuous working, and now we are beyond excited to see it go live. We won’t make it short! We want to show all the cool stuffs we have made with heart and soul, just to bring you awesome experience with our site. This […]

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What’s new in X-POS?

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It has been months of continuous improvement, we’ve been busy squirrelling away at the new faster, sleeker, and awesomer X-POS website. And it’s finally here   Believe me, we still have plenty of time to explore the new website – the fresh design, new functions and tons of unique content it offers. But for the time […]