7 little changes that can make a big difference to your checkout gate

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  Have you ever experience sales lost right at checkout gate? Customers come in your store, pick up products, compare prices, then leave items back on the shelves, they pick up another product – compare the quality, then go back adding the first choices to their shopping cart. This seems to be an endless process. […]

X-POS retail-trends

Enhance security in Credit Card payment – for better customer satisfaction

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We all know this: to sell things, money must change hands. For money to change hands, you need a way of accepting payments. However, being paid and getting paid is one of the biggest challenges, not just for online stores, but for brick-and-mortar store also. Modern customers have every reason to refuse payment (which means […]

X-POS 3.3 – more powerful with end-of-day report!

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Sales management matters. Running both a webshop and a retail store, you need a powerful tool to handle the complexibility of the data you receive at the end of each day. You need to know exactly where your revenue comes from: in which store, which till and by which payment method. Long ago, business owner […]